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Global Access Ethics
"Things that matter most must never be at the mercy of the things that matter least"


Global Access recognises that dealing with different suppliers around the world is a complex task, often requiring a good deal of judgement and flexibility. We are members of SEDEX and are dedicated to ethical compliance. We work with factories that have signed up to our code of Ethics, with many of them being members of SEDEX and BSCI, to ensure the correct level of compliance. Companies around the world are committed to operating to the highest legal, ethical and corporate responsibility standards. Adherence to the Global Access Ethical Purchasing Policy and Code of Conduct is a pre-qualification and condition to doing business with us.


We are committed to...

  • To deal fairly and honestly with our customers and suppliers.

  • To earn business based on the quality of our products/ service and our ability to fulfill our commitments.

  • To source from factories where decent labour standards are met.

  • To supply a “value for money” proposition.

  • To mutuality - all our customers and suppliers must benefit from their association with us.

  • To go about our business – treating each other, our customers and suppliers with respect and dignity.

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